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About Janet

Janet Lee is a self-taught artist from San Diego, CA who specializes in acrylic and charcoal mediums. She is drawn to art to creatively express her passion for nature and her love for pets and animals. Her artwork aims to capture nature's organic beauty and preserve the unconditional love and 
connection between pets and their owner.

Janet believes that too much direction hinders an artist's creativity and imagination. Therefore, photos taken from hiking treks inspire her acrylic paintings, while just about any animal offers inspiration for her pet portraits. As a mother of two dogs and an avid outdoor adventurer, Janet's artwork is a reflection of the things she loves most.

Janet is also a Registered Nurse at a local Emergency Department. She is driven to save lives by offering a helping hand to those in their worst moments; and she celebrates life through the creation of meaningful 
masterpieces that will be cherished for generations!

Please contact Janet for commission work, inquires, or a quote!

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